Information on conditions and percentage rates of commissions

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    Profit from income
    This is the most profitable traffic over the long terms. Upon choosing it you will be receiving a lifelong income from all the casino revenue from the players you refer (according to the tariff conditions).


    The system of levels applies to the program “Profit from income”. This system implies that the interest rate of the affiliate goes up for the following calculation period if two conditions are met: Σ of deposits – amount of your players’ deposits for the calculation period.

    The number of the initial deposits is the number of those referred players who made the minimal deposit within the calculation period. This condition can be fulfilled through your referrals. The initial deposits they make also will be considered when ranking your level.

    Levels are dynamic. They change the interest rate only for the following calculation period. That said, it is not necessary to meet all the conditions. You can fulfill them partially: either the amount of deposits or the number of the initial deposits, and you will be still receiving the highest summarized percentage. If you meet all the conditions for any level it becomes reserved on you and serves as the multiplier of conditions (FastTrack). Subsequently this multiplier enables you to achieve the level under the reduced terms. You can learn more about the rates and conditions of levels in the table:

  •   Transition
    I Transition
    II Transition
    III Transition
    Σ of deposits - 25% 1 000 30% 3 000 35% 8 000 40%
    Number of initial deposits - - 10 5% 35 7% 65 10%
    Multiplier of Conditions 1 - 0.9 - 0.8 - 0.7 -