Here you will find the answers to all F.A.Q.


About BrazPartners program
BrazPartners is an affliate program for gambling. Our goal is to maximize efficiency in advertising and traffic monetization with a high quality product (both on our projects and the affiliate program). That is why we took in only the best and advanced solutions in the gambling industry, excluding competitors' drawbacks.
How to attract traffic to your projects?
There are many ways to attract traffic. Among them are agitators websites, traffic arbitration, advertising in blogs and other publics. The choice includes a vast range of ways and is fully up to you. And also, we would like you to pay more attention to advertising methods, as there are once which are not welcome in our projects and program (e.g. spam).
How much can I earn in your program?
There is no unique answer to this question, as there are no income limits. Everything depends on amount and quality of traffic driven from the affiliate. We fully provide all the technical part of the program's functionality, aimed at maximum monetization of your traffic. We work for you to make money!
Can I trust you?
Yes, you can. You should realize that the most important for casino is the constant flow-in of the new players which can be provided only by your traffic. Our program is aimed at sustained and preferably ongoing cooperation. And this is a perfect basis for the strong partnership!
Do you have any customer support?
Yes, we do. You can contact our managers around the clock via e-mail, ticket system or Skype. All the contacts of our customer support can be found on the home page.
Specific features of the projects
Brazino777 is a Latin-American casino that was set up according to high qualities of the betting and gambling spheres. The main aspects of the project appear design (which distinguishes it from many similar projects), balanced bonus program, and a large number of popular providers.
Are there any limits and bans on traffic attraction?
It's no allowed to use spam distribution, as well as providing players with inaccurate information, for attract players. Attraction of players under false pretenses also is not welcomed by our projects and BrazPartners administration. Having in mind this limitations, rest of promotion methods depend on affiliate's creativity. In case of any confusion about promotional method you like to try, you can contact our technical support to confirm if its welcome.
What are your guarantees?
Each affiliate, irrespective of traffic amount and income value, can fully rely on conscientious relations of the program, timely support and provision of promotional materials on request. Also we guarantee the absence of tricks on the project's side, well-timed payouts and solution of any issue if happens. On the affiliate's side, it is necessary to folow program's regulations and avoid to commit a fraud.


How can I withdraw money?
Please go to the “Payments” section, chose the way of payment and create the payment request by clicking “Order payment” button. The funds are to be paid at the beginning of each month.
What are the withdrawal methods?
You can receive money using the following systems: Visa, Master Сard, Yandex.Money, W1, Skrill, NETELLER. The list of systems is being constantly updated and you can question our technical support about a certain system.
What are your tariffs?
We have four-level tariffication. Each level has its own conditions to match and the list of benefits that will be available once the level is reached. Also, the contribution percentage will directly depend on the level that the affiliate has achieved. You can learn more about tariffs in the "Tariffs" section.
What are your benefits for the top web developers?
The top web developers have higher income percentage are allowed to withdraw money from their account at any time, same to individual bonuses and promotions tailored for TOPs.


How to start?
In fact, it’s very easy: 1. Register (enter your e-mail and set up a password). 2. Create a promo-link. Go to “Promo” section and choose a project, landing and promo-material you would like to use. 3. Copy and post the generated link to your site. It will tell us that the traffic comes from you. According to this traffic your income will be accrued.
Where can I see how much I earned?
You can see your income in the “Statistics” section. There is a table showing the number of people who's been attracted by your promo and the number of people who followed your links. The last column shows the amount of your income.

Postback is a tool to transfer conversion data from the affiliate program to the tracking solution.

Postback can be configured on the last step of any promo creation. Also, you can edit it in the promo settings in the Archive subsection.

Postback can be configured for the following events:

  1. Registration
  2. Deposit
  3. Payout
  4. Profit

Each event has a separate URL with the private parameters to get the Postback.

The value of the subid should contain the name of the parameter whose values you want to track in the affiliate program statistics.

This parameter is added to the promotional link, and according to its values, you can filter the data in the statistics section with the subid filter.

The subid parameter in the postback settings is optional. It is only filled if you want to split your traffic according to certain criteria to the affiliate program side and thus control it.

Postback example with specified subid:

  1. Subid Name: publisher_id
  2. Postback URL for registration:{click_id}&publisher_id={publisher_id}
  3. Promo link:
  4. Postback:

If you need something other than subid, you can add it to the promo link. All these parameters are relayed to Postback. Maximum length of all the parameters of the promo link is 255 characters.

Also, the Postback support additional parameters for each event:

Registration options:

  1. customerId - player ID
  2. tariff - the name of the tariff assigned to the player
  3. percent - the percentage assigned to the player
  4. country - player's country

Deposit parameters:

  1. customerId - player ID
  2. paymentAmount - deposit amount
  3. paymentCurrency - deposit currency
  4. paymentId - deposit ID

Payout options:

  1. customerId - player ID
  2. payoutAmount - payout amount
  3. payoutCurrency - payout currency
  4. payoutId - payout ID

Profit parameters:

  1. profit - total last day revenue, connected to the promo link

Brief info for the Deposit event:

  1. URL Postback for Deposit:{subid}&amount={paymentAmount}&currency={paymentCurrency}
  2. Promo link:
  3. Postback: